About Noble Planet

Noble Planet intends to be a source of ideas, a builder of knowledge, a convener of community, and an instigator of action, all with the aim of being a catalyst in the evolution of a fundamentally good global society that understands how to effectively meet its most difficult challenges.

This blog is the home of our social network services and we invite all to join as free or paying members. Other elements include the Web site nobleplanet.com, an e-newsletter, and a publishing company. The site nobleplanet.com now sells the first publication, the e-book The Floods of Knith, a children's story by systems thinker Phil Ramsey. Membership to the social network can been purchased there also. Be the future now is the Noble Planet community newsletter; sign up for it at nobleplanet.com. The winter edition will be out early next year.

The idea for Noble Planet emerged from my involvement over many years in religious studies, the study and practice of clinical psychology, a love of scientific discovery, exposure to the concepts of systems thinking and organizational learning, the practice of contemplation and meditation, and, more recently, a growing felt urgency to help catch civilization before it falls off a cliff.

Of course, I am not the only person with such an idea, there are many others already doing a great job, and I sometimes ask myself whether one more voice, perhaps a slightly idiosyncratic voice, will be helpful in achieving this purpose. But I answer that, in this case, in such an urgent situation, it seems important to begin in as many places as possible, and as soon as possible. In a way, each person must ask him or her self whether a good global society can happen without their individual involvement. "Can it happen with JUST me?, well perhaps not; can it happen without me?, definitely not." So, that is one way to look at it.

Happily, in this endeavor I feel like I am proceeding now from the point of convergence of a number of apparently diverse paths I have traveled at different times in my life, and so a great inner momentum is carrying me forward. I will elaborate on these influences in the course of this blog.

For now, just let me say that I am glad you are here, and you are always welcome.


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